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The founder of has worked with clients in China, Japan, Tunisia, the USA, and Vietnam. Below are a select few of our current and past projects: completed projects Hakata battle with the Mongols
Current Projects
Baba's Kitchen - Vietnam

Baba's Kitchen is the market leader in providing authentic Indian cuisine across Vietnam. The founder of has been providing IT support since 2011 including:

  • Updated WordPress site with online food delivery integration with fou restaurants
  • Management of the food delivery system for the restaurant
  • Integration with social media apps (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter)
  • LEMP server hosting and maintenance
  • Google Business Account management
  • POS vendor selection will migrate Baba's Kitchen's WordPress site over to a JAMstack static site (Nuxt.js).

Image of JAMstack logo Baba's Kitchen - Vietnam website is a online food delivery project that is being developed in conjunction with Baba's Kitchen, Ben's Style Sandwiches, Elephant Garden and Saigon Siblings Cafe.. It plans to provide an online food delivery site that focuses on special deals with select restaurants across Vietnam. will be developed with the Nuxt.js and tailwindcss frameworks. nuxt.js website

japannode is an educational technology holding company focused on improving the educational sector in Japan through the use of IoT and blended learning technologies.

japannode was developed with the Nuxt.js and tailwindcss frameworks.

JapanNode Nuxt.js website

GoHalalVietnam! will be relaunched by Summer, 2020. The site was one of the most visted by Muslim tourists visiting Vietnam in the past. The site was a source for halal restaurants and food in Saigon.

GoHalalVietnam! will be developed with the Nuxt.js and tailwindcss frameworks. hopes to get an alpha version ready by the summer. nuxt.js website
Past Projects

The predecessor of, Hakata Consulting and SLG Vscapeone, developed and deployed past web projects with the LEMP (Linux, Nginx, MariaDB, and PHP) stack.

A couple other web projects were deployed with Ruby on Rails and Nginx.

LEMPstack logo
AIPF Wear a Helmet Campaign

The predecessor of, SLG Vscapeone, designed the "Wear a Helmet" campaign website in Vietnam for the Asia Injury Prevention Foundation.

The "Wear a Helmet" campaign website was developed in WordPress with a vanilla starter theme.

AIPF Wear a Helmet website
Bosphore Academie (Tunisia)

The predecessor of, Hakata Consulting, installed and maintained the Project Fedena open source student information system for Bosphore Academie in Tunisia.

The Project Fedena SIS was hosted on a full stack server that is now currently maintained by

Project Fedena project
Kojima Pearl

The predecessor of, Hakata Consulting, helped update the WordPress e-commerce site for Kojima Pearl, a USA company selling pearls online.

The Kojima Pearl site was hosted on a shared server in the US and integrated with Shopify.

Kojima Pearl website
Tri Viet Consulting and Investment

The predecessor of, Hakata Consulting, developed and maintained the WordPress site for Tri Viet Consulting and Investment.

Tri Viet Consulting and Investment's WordPress site was hosted on a full stack LEMP server.

Tri Viet Consulting website
Previous Consulting

Since arriving in Vietnam in May, 2004, Kevin Miller Matsunaga, the founder, has worked with clients, companies, and organizations located or related to Vietnam in different sectors. They include: Apollo Education, China Motors and Components, Dutch Data Processing House Co., Ltd., Indochina Capital, Mekong Securities, Pte. Vietmindo Energitama, and SME Securities.